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from god; satan has deceived you
you blindly accept his lies
to the peril of your immortal soul
these are pretty harsh words
but they're nothing new

prepare to meet thy god
selected for the soldiers
is the happiness of the immortal soul
of so little value, that you then
awake immediately to your peril and your duty?
god is

everyday beliefs and your religious convictions
especially belief in an immortal soul
has a design
the soul was perhaps
privilege and peril of discovering

and now I find you in grave peril
because you did just that
I come only in hopes
of saving your immortal soul
a soul I believe is not wicked but ...

not necessary
but now christ is
jeopardy (in ‘danger’ or ‘peril’ - ie, for faith)
i protest by your rejoicing which i

hold fast and repent
their sin and peril
passion, worldliness, malice
and lose your soul through idolatrous love
the heavenly, immortal substance?
christ waiteth at your door

a selection from the holy writings
of you amongst all peoples
your lord is verily
and quaffing the immortal draught
hath taken hour of his soul's ascension
the help in peril, the self

seal senses peril
instinct tells him
suffocating your spirit
blinding your senses
the colour
immortal spirit undying soul of the earth

privileges of the mother
not-doing is set down
among your darkest deeds
a work of power and peril
the force of public opinion
is a newly quickened soul
and its immortal destiny

...poets' corner
and on what rocks in peril to be cast
thus in
my self you, or from your own self
I... who so firmly proves the soul of man
immortal and divine
and doth the

cuomo can `pan' his critics
is the best thing for your soul
one day a nun
was putting her soul in great peril
and threatening to call the
new york gov

chipmonk chatter
inspirations from the heart and soul  
from the heart & soul of a living
vampires bemoaning our immortal ennui, or victims
this conspiracy on your behalf
my human
case at great peril to myself and  

are elves immortal
for each of them
document your answers
and here's a serious
spirit or soul
is indeed full of peril, and in it there
are elves immortal

the christian's privilege
of a human soul, we must look
world before the immortal honours
which christ diligence to make your calling
and election
or nakedness, or peril, or sword

the hidden soul of harmony
married to immortal verse
such as unfolding of
the hidden soul of harmony
proceed at your Peril!
enlightened man

of a perishing world
all that is in your heart
then been invested in immortal souls
hundreds meet
is no ransomed soul to greet him

the seat of the soul
your soul is that part of you
that is immortal
every person has a soul
but a personality that is limited in
its perception to the five senses is not

suffering, hunger, and peril, often giving
then, as being immortal, and having
been, teacher dies, his soul returns to incarnate
fade in your ears
and my

these colours betray
your immortal soul
back to hate your own soul
for wanting the
trouble and peril that you have
poor boy
remembering your words
I know

baha'u'llah's hidden words
of god, the help in peril
the self-existent
the hands of the immortal cup-bearer
and even
lowest prices on all your religious books
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January 12, 2005
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